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Our Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Documentation Services

Clinical Nutrition Services

We provide clinical nutrition assessments as requested.

Our Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionists have extensive experience in clinical nutrition.

We meet with individuals to understand their food preferences and needs, conduct a full review of the medical chart, and consult other members in the health care team to provide comprehensive nutrition assessments.

Plan of Care

In order to accomplish each person's individual nutritional goal, we work with your interprofessional team to set you up for success. Each person's unique Plan of Nutritional Care will offer :

-achievable goals

-detailed interventions

-realistic goal dates

Nutrition Documentation

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are proficient at several types of diet and nutrition software. This includes software used in health care organizations as well as internet applications used by individuals. For healthcare organizations, we are proficient at government reporting via the MDS system, several types of dietary software, and the office applications required to provide efficient and timely documentation. 

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